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Welcome to Cuisines Nuenza, Montreal’s custom designed kitchen and bathroom specialist. Discover trendy, ergonomic custom kitchens, bathrooms, and unique storage areas customized for any lifestyle. Passion for colours, shapes, textures, and smart accessories is the inspiration behind the creation of unique custom designed kitchens. Balance and serenity guides the mind into a state of quietude and calms the breath. As a kitchen designer in Montreal, Cuisines Nuenza brings balance and serenity to the heart of every home, the kitchen.

Cusines Nuenza Kitchen Design with white chair
Cusines Nuenza Kitchen Design with red chair
Cusines Nuenza Kitchen Design
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Visit our beautiful showroom, where we have the most exquisite kitchen displays in Montreal and Laval, and gain inspiration for your own kitchen, bathroom, or storage area. Let our designers show you the wide selection of colours, textures, and designs that combine form and function while breathing life back into any living space. Take advantage of our 3D technology that will transform your kitchen into the room of your dreams. Visualize the heart of your home as if you were actually present in front of you, and gain an enhanced perspective on the positive changes you can make toward achieving the design of your dreams.

Your Unique Kitchen

At the core of Cuisines Nuenza’s custom kitchen design is our commitment to creating indoor spaces that reflect a) your personality and lifestyle; b) our passion for combining state-of-the-art design without sacrificing on functionality; and c) our dedication to transforming any room into a sanctuary. At Cuisines Nuenza, we appreciate everybody’s business. That is why we carry materials that match a range of budgets and styles without compromising on quality or style. So no matter what your vision, we’re confident that we can help you build the kitchen you’ve always wanted.


The kitchen is the epicentre of the home, the room from which flows warmth, comfort, and unity. As the heart of the home, family and friends tend to gather in the kitchen, to help mom and dad prepare supper, to chat about our lives, to nourish our bodies and souls, to congregate. As the most important room of the house, the kitchen should draw you in and invigorate the senses. A disorganized kitchen prevents a house from feeling like a home.

At Cuisines Nuenza, our primary goal is to transform the most important room of the house into a well-organized and sophisticated sanctuary—a place where ergonomic design, optimized storage, and beautiful colours and textures satisfy your particular needs and sense of style. Our showroom features a colourful patchwork of design ideas and inspiration from experienced kitchen designers in Montreal and Laval.

Are you ready to build the kitchen of your dreams? Stop by for a visit or click here for a free consultation & estimate.

We kindly ask that before our initial meeting, you provide us with the following:

  • Pictures of the space(s) you intend on designing
  • Measurements of the space(s)
  • Inspirational images and concept
  • Budget
  • Your expectations from our team at Nuenza
Cusines Nuenza Kitchen Design
Cusines Nuenza Batchroom Design


A bathroom says a lot about a house and the people living in it. Style and design frequently change. What was once considered modern and trendy now seems dated and unfashionable. That’s why at Cuisines Nuenza, we’re committed to designing intelligent bathrooms that provide for the needs of individual family members while maintaining a timeless and trendy look. Come and see our beautiful bathroom displays to discover a world of possibilities.Turn your bathroom of any size into a spa and a place to find a moment of tranquility. Come into our showroom and let us demonstrate what it means to be unencumbered by tight spaces or lack of storage. Increase the value of your property by turning your outdated and dysfunctional bathroom into your home’s hidden gem.

Regardless of the size of your budget or the size of the room, our expert team of designers, fitters, contractors, and suppliers will ensure your remodeling experience is stress-free and within budget.

Click here to view our bathroom portfolio.

Unique Spaces

So many of us are guilty of filling the negative spaces in our house with disorganized clutter or miscellaneous goods that don’t fit anywhere else. But even the smallest spaces, such as anterooms, foyers, mudrooms, hallways and laundry rooms, can tie a floor together with unique designs and smart storage that provide warmth, functionality, and purpose to your home.These small, often-overlooked spaces are opportunities to increase your storage and show off your home’s unique design while contributing to the overall harmony of the house. Stop by our showroom and explore how simple additions to your negative space can increase the value of your home, improve its functionality, and add a touch of flawless design.

Click here to view our unique spaces portfolio.

Cusines Nuenza Unique Spaces Design

No matter what your design needs, our experienced and dedicated team is confident that you and your family will find storage and design solutions for the most important rooms in your house. Visit our showroom located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal to step into a world of possibilities.

Unique Showroom

A world of endless possibilities unfolds when entering Cuisines Nuenza’s stunning kitchen showroom of. Visit a model apartment, discover vibrant coloured kitchen cabinets, collections of countertop and backsplash materials and textures, flooring materials, accessories, and much more.

Whether building for a new home or updating an existing kitchen or bathroom, there is a style for every lifestyle and every budget.

One address to remember!
6537 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal QC H2S 3C5

Free Consultation

Schedule a free session with a designer! The perfect kitchen begins with:

  • PRELIMINARY IDEAS – skilled designers will identify the best style and colours to highlight and bring breath to the space;
  • PLANS – the architectural basis to which colours, textures and shapes are added to create stunning custom designed kitchens.
  • A STORY OR INSPIRATION – build a custom kitchen concept around a favourite painting, a personal theme, or an inspirational story.


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