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“Everyday that my husband and I sit down to have a meal, we remark on one aspect or another of this beautiful kitchen.” We believe in starting every day on the right foot. Whether it be grabbing a quick cup of coffee before flying out the door or starting with a hearty meal surrounded by your loved ones, the heart of the home is usually where it starts.

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This carefully curated home in Hampstead was the subject of one of our latest designs. With a contemporary sitting room at the back of the house, and a more traditional dining area at the front, we wanted to bring this eclectic mix together.

The wood cabinets and slim shaker doors brought life to the space. The flat doors brought that modern feel, while the clay color kept a sense of comfort. Teamed together with black light fixtures and copper handles, both styles seemed to flow seamlessly together. The floor to ceiling windows flooded the room with light, allowing us to do darker counter tops, and even a floating waterfall on the island.

However, the main source of inspiration was the thing most cherished by our client, her grandchildren.

We wanted to create a space where the whole family could gather and spend time together. Remembering a childhood spent fighting over who got to sit in the banquette at the restaurant, it just seemed to make sense that a cozy nest should be one of the main focuses of this kitchen. Topped off with framed art pieces made by none other than the kids, the space took on a life of its own.

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