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Quick Guide: How Much to Renovate a Kitchen?

Quick Guide: How Much to Renovate a Kitchen?

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big step. You may have hundreds of ideas and are itching to get started, but like any home improvement, there’s a lot to consider. 

From the appliances to the backsplash to the flooring – not to mention changing the plumbing and lighting – the costs to renovate a kitchen will require a decent amount of coin, particularly for one that’s professionally remodeled.

No matter your goals, the Nuenza team is here to help you figure out what is the best Montreal kitchen design for your home.


Kitchen Renovation Costs

Here is the average cost of what you can expect to pay for a new kitchen, depending on the size you have:

  • A small one of 70 square feet or less will cost between $12,000 – $26,000.
  • A medium one of 100-150 square feet will cost between $19,500 – $52,000.
  • A medium one of 150-175 square feet will cost between $26,000 – $52,000.
  • A large one of 200 or more square feet will cost between $40,000 – $78,000.

Remember, the costs listed above are just an approximation. Only after a detailed consultation with our team will we be able to determine a more accurate amount for the kitchen renovation costs per square foot at your home. 

Tips on How to Budget

The best way to ensure that your project goes smoothly is to create a budget. This will give yourself and our team a solid footing for materials, layout, design, everything.

We advise you to create a breakdown of your budget, so you can cover every aspect of the renovation. It’s up to you to decide what portion will cover:

  • Designs
  • Installations
  • Appliances & Ventilation
  • Cabinetry & Hardware
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Doors & Windows

While our team is experienced, professional, and knowledgeable in remodelling a kitchen, there is always the possibility of problems arising, such as pests, weakened structures, and toxic materials. 

A good amount of your budget should be set aside to cover surprises, which should be between 15%-20%. Although this may seem like a high number at first glance, it’s always best to be prepared, and the good news is that if there are no surprise issues, you can immediately deduct that amount from your overall budget!

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Ways to Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

When it’s time to renovate the kitchen, there are some smart choices you can make to get the design you want while protecting your wallet.

While choosing customized designs can come with a hefty price tag in some cases, this is not always necessarily true. In large part, the cost will depend on the materials used. While Nuenza does not reface existing cabinets, the price of new cabinets will vary according to the design, which is why speaking to the design professionals at Nuenza is your best bet when trying to cut costs for your kitchen renovation. 

Also, you don’t have to do everything all at once. This means you can save up for certain elements, such as appliances, and then have a rest period to save up for the next sections you want to tackle.

Have some ideas to remodel your bathroom? We can help with that, too!

Turn Your Average Kitchen into the Heart of Your Home

Our Nuenza team achieves a wide range of tasks, from helping you determine the cost for renovating a kitchen to choosing new cabinets to helping you draft a budget. We make the project fun (as it should be) while reducing the stress on our customers.

Feel free to browse our portfolio for inspiration, or contact us today to set an appointment!

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

Are you at your wits’ end bumping into your partner as you get ready in the bathroom? And after a hard day, do you dream of relaxing in a spacious, jetted tub? What about adding a little seating area where you can de-stress as you do your nails?

Nuenza is here to help you design, optimize space, and turn your bathroom into an oasis. Whether you want contemporary minimalism, Bohemian chic, or Zen paradise, we guarantee that your bathroom renovation in Montreal is possible with your budget.


What Do You Want to Accomplish with Your Bathroom Remodel?

Before you start hacking away at a wall or buying swatches, make sure you know what the purpose of your bathroom renovation will be, and how to achieve it. Will you be expanding the room and adding square footage? Optimizing the preexisting space? Updating the style?

For your renovation to go smoothly, it’s always best to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a master bathroom or a half bath/powder room? A master bathroom includes the shower, tub, sink and toilet while a half bath or powder room has only a toilet and sink, sometimes doubling as a laundry room.
  • Who will use the bathroom? Think of gender and age. A kid’s bathroom will be designed much differently than that for an adult.
  • Are you updating the style? Maybe you’re tired of the floral wallpaper or want to replace that pink tub.
  • Do you want to modernize its functionality? It might be time to remove your shower curtain and install a glass shower stall instead.
  • How do you want the room to flow with the rest of the home? Some homeowners like to have a consistent design theme throughout the house,while others prefer each room has its own distinctive flair.
  • How do you want the room to accommodate your needs? If you and your partner share the bathroom, would separate sinks allow each of you to have enough space to get ready at the same time?

All of the above questions will help to give you a better idea of the renovation costs to expect. Remember that if you plan on renovating more than one bathroom, you will need to apply the above questions to each one.

Depending on the type of bathroom renovation and your needs, the average cost to redo is between 20k and 55k since plumbing and tiling are expensive and the bread and butter of a bathroom. Other factors that will affect pricing are your preferences, materials used, and market inflation.

Work with the Nuenza Team!

To renovate a bathroom, you need a skilled team who knows how to turn your ideas into a reality within your budget. Nuenza can help you save money while still having an inviting and high-end bathroom in the end.

Did you know? Nuenza is one of the top three custom cabinet designers in Montreal, QC. We would like to thank all of our clients and well-wishers for keeping trust in us and choosing us to serve their needs. After a rigorous 50-point inspection, Nuenza became one of the top three companies. The process looked at reputation, history, complaints, ratings, nearness, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence.

We are always happy to discuss your project’s unique details, such as its renovation costs and design elements, so get in touch with our team today to start the process of renovating your bathroom!

Design Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Design Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Everyone spends a lot of time in the bathroom. 

It’s not only a place where we groom and shower, it’s also a place we go to regain our composure or relax. Many people choose this place out of all of the other rooms in their home because it has a lock on it. You can shut the world out for an hour or two. 

Since the bathroom is such an intimate place, why not customize it to make it as comfortable as possible? IF you find you’re bored with your all-white bathroom or would like better lighting to do your hair, shaving, and make-up, Design Nuenza can help. 

Read on to find out how you can create your own ideal design and create a bathroom environment where you feel like yourself again.

brown plastic bucket

Wall Materials

Turning your home bathroom into a spa is still very much trending. And part of that trend is using stone for your walls. Depending on your budget, there are a few natural stone choices that will make your bathroom more rustic or luxurious. Limestone, soapstone, and onyx are popular choices. 

Tiles are another way to go. Adding tiles to your walls will provide texture, whether you opt for a geometric or oddly-shaped pattern. 

You’ve most likely heard of marble being used for countertops, but it can also be used for the walls. It will give the room a clean look while providing a natural pattern of colour, such as white with pearl grey tones. 

Remember that you can choose which walls to redo. Some homeowners prefer to renovate only the shower walls in one of the above materials while others do the entire room.


Achieving the best lighting is tricky because the room’s configuration and your needs will greatly affect your lighting choices. For example, if your countertop is at the farthest point away from the window, you will need optimal artificial lighting fixtures. 

Lighting fixtures come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Pendant lamps
  • LED strip lighting
  • Vanity lighting
  • Wall sconces
  • Chandeliers

Because lighting is so difficult to decide upon, a balance of natural and artificial light is essential. Our experts can discuss at length what you’re looking for in order to provide you with the best design results.

comfort room white bathtub


Silver faucets, drawer handles and lighting fixtures are nice, and some people prefer them while others want to find features that pop, particularly if the walls are white.

Here are some colors to consider in your Montreal bathroom remodel:

  • Black and pewter will draw the eye in and help to break up any large expanses of white walls or cabinetry.
  • Gold is subtle, like silver, but it has an extra level of luxe that will make it stand out without being too startling. If you’re looking for gold in a darker shade, then brass is the answer. Both gold and brass will warm up your bathroom’s décor.
  • Brushed nickel is darker than silver and can be the solution for homeowners who want something in the silver palette. It’s ideal for pairing with blues, green, and shades of purples.

You can also mix and match metals. Our experts will provide you with suggestions.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel Today!

Nuenza will help to turn your bathroom into your personalized oasis that’s there for you at the end of every hard day. Our staff makes the process fun and hones in on your style, whether it’s contemporary zen or rustic cottage. We will discuss your budget, expectations, and requirements to narrow down your choices and begin renovating.

Check out our bathroom portfolio, or contact us today!

8 Creative Ways to Fully Benefit from a Small Kitchen

8 Creative Ways to Fully Benefit from a Small Kitchen

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone to self-quarantine or practice social distancing, we’re spending more time at home. With more time in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas, we are likely to notice problems, particularly spacing issues.

Nuenza Design Studio—formerly known as Cuisines Nuenza—has prepared a list of innovative ways to optimize on space when you have a small kitchen.

#1 – A Backsplash with Functionality

This idea originates from an upcycling mindset. When you have too much clutter on your counters, it’s time to head to the walls to make space. A stainless steel pegboard can act as a backsplash to protect your wall while giving you the ability to hang utensils and shelves.

new kitchen

#2 – A Folding Dining Table

How many bruises do you have on your hips and legs from running into your oversized dining table? Replace it with a folding table that’s attached to the wall. It’s out of the way when not in use and provides more flow that perfectly complements a small kitchen. It can be used as a dining table, extra prep space, and a desk.

#3 – Cabinet Layouts

This will require you to really think about how you personally use your kitchen. If it’s U-shaped, it may be worth replacing some of your cabinets with ones that are half the size.This way, you can put taller items together without them falling over and making a mess. 

Additionally, think about how often you have to organize your cabinets. If you replace them with drawers, it’d be easier to gain access to items at the far back while keeping everything tidy.   

#4 – Unconventional Shelving

“Don’t cut corners” is sound advice for people optimizing on space. Corner shelving can be the answer to cleaner countertops. Stacked dishes and vertical objects, such as vases and canisters, can find a place on corner shelves while still looking tidy.

#5 – Seat Cabinets

A breakfast nook is more than aesthetically pleasing. If your kitchen has built-in seating or you’re thinking about putting it in, take advantage of the space underneath to store pantry items and cookware. 

#6 – Magnets

A knife block is bulky and takes up room. An alternative is a magnetic knife bar that will hold all of your essential metal tools out of the way in a professionally organized look. Just make sure to keep your electronic devices at a distance! 

coffee cup books home

#7 – Baskets

Whether you store items on the top shelf or in your cabinets, they can fall down and break. Using wire baskets will keep your jars and bottles grouped together, making your search easier and your kitchen neater. Moreover, a wired basket lets you see all of the items from a distance, saving you a trip up the ladder.

#8 – Undersides

The space under shelves is often overlooked. You can attach hooks to hang tea cups with the rest of the dishware nearby. If you have mason jars on your counter, you can attach the lids to the underside of a shelf and screw in the jar. Voilà! You now have a clear counter! 

Get Creative with Nuenza Design!

Want more ideas? Check out our portfolio!

Our team at Nuenza Design wishes you well during this troubling time. We are always here for you, ready with suggestions to make your space feel like home. Call us at (514) 400-2579, or fill out our online form.

Remember to wash your hands and stay safe!

5 Top Questions You Should Ask Before Renovating Your Kitchen

5 Top Questions You Should Ask Before Renovating Your Kitchen

We know you’re anxious to roll up your sleeves and get to work, but your Montreal kitchen renovation needs to be planned out before Demolition Day. 

There are many aspects to consider, from the colours to the materials to the layout. You want to minimize problems and maximize your efforts. We’ve prepared some questions that will have you go into your renovation with a clearer outlook.

1) Why Are You Renovating Your Kitchen?

If you’re selling your home, gutting your Montreal kitchen is probably not the best way to spend your money. Potential buyers will be looking at the more important aspects of your home, such as the roof, foundation, windows, plumbing and wiring. Look into what’s absolutely necessary in terms of repairs, and nothing more if you’re selling. 

Couple on the kitchen

2) What Do I Want to Accomplish with This Renovation?

Whether you’ve recently moved into your home or you’ve put up with a subpar kitchen for years, chances are that you’re finally renovating for more than one reason. 

Take a deep breath and consider all of your kitchen’s aspects with these big questions:

  • Does the kitchen need to be larger to accommodate your big family?
  • Is this a room that you spend a lot of time in?
  • Is cooking something you love and want to do more of?
  • Do you need the fanciest high-tech appliances on the market? 
  • Should this space be kid-friendly?
  • What changes are non negotiable, and which ones can you compromise on?

Kitchen renovations require a thought-out plan that accomplishes your goals. You need to devise a layout that provides the maximum amount of space, seating, and lighting. 

3) Which Trends Do You Want in Your Kitchen?

You’ve looked at a lot of magazines and watched a myriad of home renovation shows, noting all of the latest 2020 designs: 

  • Open shelving
  • Sustainable materials
  • Two-toned cabinets
  • Open-face pantries
  • Handleless cabinets

But embracing too many trends will leave you feeling frustrated because the designs don’t fit in with your lifestyle and preferences. It’s essential to never incorporate trends into your kitchen for the sake of it. 

Think about your preferences and day-to-day routine. Can you stand to look at open shelving or an open-face pantry? Remember that it will become disorganized. Can you tolerate handleless cabinets or are you too used to reaching out for the handle? Make a list of what you want in your new kitchen and imagine how life would be with these new kitchen designs. Better yet, reach out to a company that specializes in customizing kitchen renos, one you can trust. Getting their input might be the best possible investment of your time.


4) Have You Hired a Trustworthy Contractor or Company?

You’re hiring someone to come into your home—your sanctuary—and improve it. You don’t want some run-of-the-mill person who boasts about renovating their kitchen themselves. Hiring the wrong person is not only a waste of time and money, but it can be a traumatic experience, since that person may have come into your home and taken advantage of you. 

Researching contractors and companies, conducting interviews, reviewing testimonials, and looking into references are all part of your due diligence. You’re renovating your kitchen to make it better, so go the extra mile and hire a reputable company.

5) Should You Call in a Professional?

Renovating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you have a family to take care of, errands to do, and a 9-to-5 job. Cuisines Nuenza will give you peace of mind and work with you from the conception to the finishing touches. Our services guarantee a flawless new kitchen that’s ready to cater to your every need. Contact us today for a free consultation!