Keep or Toss? What You Can Salvage and What Needs to Go

Keep or Toss? What You Can Salvage and What Needs to Go

Are you building your budget for your indoor renovation? Cutting costs without sacrificing on quality is a delicate balancing act, but sometimes we run the risk of seeing only the savings. While there are still parts of your home that you can keep and repurpose, there are some furnishings or hardware that are beyond saving. If you’re planning your kitchen or bathroom reno, here’s what you can keep and what you should probably replace:

Grungy Bathtub? Keep

If you don’t have an endless pile of funds to remodel your bathroom, you can save thousands of dollars (which includes labour) by keeping your old bathtub right where it is. Wear-and-tear is normal on a bathtub, especially an old one. However, some problems can easily be fixed without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. Bathtub repair companies can make your current tub look brand new. If it’s too rusty or outdated to salvage, you can save money by fitting a new tub right over the old one rather than replace the whole thing.

Cracked, Uneven Tiles? Toss

There’s really no salvaging tiles that have not been laid properly. If the bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom tiles are still intact, they’ll have to be removed and refitted. Starting from scratch can take time and money, which is why we suggest hiring an expert to do it this time. However, if your tiles are beginning to crack or discolour, say goodbye and replace them with something new.

Hardwood Floor? Keep

Discovering hardwood floors underneath unwanted carpet or laminate is like finding pure gold. However, if the previous homeowner decided to hide the hardwood under alternative flooring, they were probably trying to hide damage. Scratched hardwood may be more difficult to salvage and will depend on how it was installed and how long ago. However, if your floors are so old that you can see the nails, you can save money by adding a thick coat of primer and paint.

Kitchen Cabinets? Depends

If you move into a home with an outdated kitchen, consider yourself lucky if the cabinets are made of good, solid wood. Wood cabinets can easily be sanded down and repainted a cleaner, more neutral colour. All you need is to buy new hardware, and you’ve got yourself a new-looking kitchen. However, if your cabinets are made of pressed board or other outdated materials, it’s time to replace them.

When renovating your home, it can often be overwhelming to watch all that waste pile up and head to the dump. Repurposing as many materials as possible can not only reduce your waste, but it can also save you money. Are you interesting in renovating your kitchen or bathroom? Contact Cuisines Nuenza for a free consultation and estimate.

5 Must-Have Appliances to Upgrade to a Stylish Gourmet Kitchen

5 Must-Have Appliances to Upgrade to a Stylish Gourmet Kitchen

Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate weekend baker, you’re probably dreaming of a gourmet kitchen complete with high-end stainless steel appliances, show-worthy cookware, and lots of counter space to develop your culinary creations. If you’re about to undertake a kitchen remodel, here are five must-have appliances and upgrades to build your gourmet kitchen:

#1: Pizza Oven

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. The same can be said about wood-burning ovens that make the most delicious and authentic pizzas, homemade breads, and roasting dishes. Pizza ovens can be installed inside your home or in your backyard barbecue area. Modular fire ovens vary in size, so you don’t have to expand your kitchen’s square footage to enjoy the benefits of this traditional cooking method.

#2: Pot Fillers

Nothing says gourmet like modern conveniences that make our cooking experiences just a little bit easier. Installing a pot filler above your range may not seem like such a fancy upgrade, but once you realize just how useful it is, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Pot fillers not only add a touch of class to any kitchen, but they also make for a safer cooking experience.

#3: Warming Drawer

A warming drawer is one of those kitchen upgrades that you’ll use over and over again. Warming drawers aren’t just for keeping your food at a certain temperature without cooking it. Avid bread bakers will discover how delicious, light, and airy their loaves are after proving their dough in this perfect bread environment. You may even be tempted to warm your plates before serving dinner.

#4: Double Ovens

The mark of a gourmet kitchen is the chef’s ability to work on more than one dish at a time. Double ovens are a convenient way to cook food at different temperatures while cutting your cooking time in half. Have dinner and dessert ready at once and enjoy the comfort of eye-level doors. Imagine how much more convenient Thanksgiving dinner will be?

#5: Gas Range

Why do five-star chefs demand gas ranges? Because no other cooktop offers as much control. Gas ranges check off all the boxes. Not only do professional-grade ranges fit your countertops, but they complement your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal with a sleek design. Gas ranges allow you to expand your culinary horizons by giving you the chance to work on more delicate preparations, such as sauces, consommés, and syrups.

Are you looking to upgrade your family kitchen into something a little more reminiscent of a five-star restaurant? These kitchen upgrades will improve your cooking abilities and allow to grow as a chef while enjoying your time preparing meals. Let Cuisines Nuenza help you build the kitchen of your dreams! Visit our showroom or contact us for a free estimate.

This Year’s Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life So Much Better!

This Year’s Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life So Much Better!

We’re all probably too young to remember when plastic cling wrap and Zip-Lock bags were the coolest thing to ever be released for the kitchen. We’ve certainly come a long way since the ice box and gas range, even though most of our kitchen gadgets and appliances were invented only in the last 100 years or so. If you’re a sucker for the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets, here are a few of our favourites.

NH Sunray Pizza Scissors

There probably aren’t too many people on this planet who don’t enjoy a good slice of pizza every now and then. For some, it’s a rare treat; for others, a Friday-night staple. Whether you order take out or pop a store-bought pizza in the oven, you probably struggle with cutting the perfect piece of Za that doesn’t take all the toppings with it. Introducing the genius pizza scissors with a removable spatula that cuts the perfect slice every time!

Kilner Butter Churner

Not everything in your kitchen is designed to make your life easier. Sometimes, you just want to roll up your sleeves and make things the way our grandparents used to do. If you enjoy experimenting with DIY and you love the thrill of making things with your own two hands, try the Kilner Butter Churner, which allows you to make your very own butter right in an attractive mason jar. Imagine slathering some of that fresh butter on your flapjacks in the morning? Yum!

Smart Touch Chef Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer

Cooking a bowl of pasta can be a quick affair accomplished in between classes or a long-drawn-out activity with several working participants. There is so much you can do to pasta that however you dress it is essentially a form of artistic expression. However, cooking the noodles just right can be a difficult juggling act. That’s why we absolutely adore the Chef Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer that beeps when the water is boiled and then when the pasta is cooked al dente, it starts to sing!

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Sometimes, the best inventions are the ones that solve the simplest problems. Avocados have evolved into everyone’s favourite toast spread, but no matter how many times we cut one open and scrape it out, we have always struggled with getting that darn stone out of the centre. Until now. Introducing the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer that cut, pits, and slices your avocado without fuss or muss. Avocado on toast, anyone?

Running out of space for your new collection of kitchen gadgets? Come and visit our showroom for kitchen storage solutions that expertly combine form and function. Or contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Top Five Flooring Design Trends for 2017 That We Love

Top Five Flooring Design Trends for 2017 That We Love

Designs change and evolve as the years go along, and this year, one of the biggest style decisions that home renovators make is something we’re meant to walk on: the floor. Flooring design can make or break a room’s décor and has the power to completely update (or ruin) the design of your home. While it’s easy to lay down hardwood and forget about it, many remodelers have used flooring as a wonderful blank canvas. Here are some of the most trending floor designs of this year:

#1: Eco-Friendly Materials

When we think “eco-friendly flooring”, we immediately conjure up bamboo, which is one of the fastest-growing natural materials on the planet. Because it grows so quickly, it’s one of the best renewable resources we have. While it may be eco-friendly in that regard, don’t forget that the processes required to render bamboo into floor boards (or any other finished product) are not-so eco-friendly.

Did you know there are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Cork flooring is also considered eco-friendly. Plus, its deep golden finish provides a bright contemporary depth to your room, and is naturally warm under your feet.

#2: Concrete

When done right, concrete flooring can be the pièce de résistance of your newly minted modern kitchen design. Durable, reliable, and able to take on the worst of wear and tear, concrete is also sophisticated and timeless. Don’t let this construction material fool you. After it’s been polished and finished correctly, you’ll have a floor that reflects light and adds a beautifully deep texture to your palette.

#3: Parquet?!

For anyone who has ever lived in a home with parquet flooring, the very idea of parquet can fill you with certain dread. It’s inevitable that a wooden tile is going to pop out, not to mention the dirty scratched spots in the room where heavy foot traffic has worn down the finish. But in recent years, parquet has made a major come back, but not in the way you remember. Our favourite parquet pattern is herringbone, which adds a beautifully classic texture and interesting design element to living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

#4: Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles are an excellent opportunity to showcase your individuality and to play with bold colours and styles you wouldn’t necessarily want in any other design element. While pattern tiles aren’t necessarily a new invention (you can easily find them in medieval cathedrals and large British estates), the use of colour, texture, and design has really taken off as a modern trend. Some highlights of this year:

#5: A Hardwood Spin

Hardwood is a timeless classic that automatically raises the value of your home and has proven to stand the test of time. However, styles of hardwood tend to change. This year, we’ve seen some pretty rustic takes on the “hardwood floor,” such as the rough yet elegant shiplap or barn wood flooring. These robust designs fit seamlessly in your modern kitchen or hallway just as much as they do in a country cabin. Dark hardwood continues to be a popular choice for hardwood stains, but we’ve seen a resurgence of grey and blonde hardwood flooring. Each colour gives a room its own unique temperature and texture.

The end of the year is the perfect time for making New Year’s resolutions and for deciding how you want to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or unique living space. Cuisines Nuenza is proud to help our customers in Montreal, Laval, and the West Island realize their dreams of having a perfectly remodeled home. For more inspiration for flooring, kitchen cabinets, and everything in between, visit our showroom. Or, click here to get a free estimate.