What Do Nuenza Interior Designers Do?

What Do Nuenza Interior Designers Do?

Nuenza’s Interior Designers are masters of their craft, who transform large and small spaces into rooms that cater to clients’ needs. In our case, Nuenza’s design team renovates kitchens and bathrooms, but can also create unique spaces that tie into the style of the rest of the home.

When working with Interior Designers, how will you know whether or not they’re worth the cost? It starts with knowing what designers do.


Duties & Responsibilities

Our interior design services were created to complete each project from A-Z with amazing results. Here is how our design consultant team accomplishes that:

  • Visit the client’s intended space to get a sense of its functionality and how to improve it according to the client’s needs. This may also include reviewing the client’s drawings and notes of their plans.
  • Have material catalogues for clients to view and offer samples related to paint, wallpaper, accents, flooring, and more.
  • Assist with the selection of colour schemes, styles, themes, and layouts.
  • Inform the client of pricing and work with their budget.
  • Provide mock-ups using software and blueprints.
  • Make suggestions and problem-solve to provide the client with solutions regarding space, materials, and more.
  • Coordinate with construction teams and clients to ensure the designs can be carried out.
  • Recommend contractors for the renovation of the space.

To fulfill these duties and responsibilities while delivering custom high-end products that meet the client’s satisfaction. a design consultant must have a certain level of education. Moreover, they must have developed certain skills to ensure the success of every interior design project.

Kitchen modern

Design Education & Skills

Interior Designers with a university degree tend to be more creative in their approach. 

Our founder, Nancy Boudreau, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Design. With over 20 years in kitchen design, she knows how to make clients’ dreams become a reality. She and the experienced Nuenza team stay informed of current home design trends, colours, and architectural innovations. To get an idea of the company’s work, browse our portfolio.

It’s part of an Interior Designer’s job to communicate well with clients and fully understand their style, as well as what they want their space to have. When clients speak about incorporating elements and styles from different eras, the designer must have an extensive knowledge. It’s essential to understand the difference between industrial design versus 1950s design versus Rococo, for example.

Attentiveness is also a key quality to look for in an interior designer. The last thing you want is to have them ignore your preferences and be inflexible when anything has to change.

Like in every job, the client wants to be treated as a person, not a number. Therefore, a design consultant must be able to work well with people, from customers to artisans to contractors.  Developing a rapport will create long-lasting relationships and, in turn, bring about fantastic results.

kitchen window

Partner with a Nuenza Interior Designer

Working with Nuenza interior designers means we will create the haven you have been longing for. We approach each project with zest and creativity. We love our work and see it as more than a job. Design embraces your freedom of expression and adds customized comfort to each space.

Our interior design team wants you to feel at home in your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Fall into the Dark Side: Why Black Is a Must-Have Colour in Your Kitchen

Fall into the Dark Side: Why Black Is a Must-Have Colour in Your Kitchen

While designing or revamping a kitchen, most people are often more than willing to embrace bright colours. In fact, a majority of modern kitchens have a white theme—which is okay—because white adds a classic theme to any kitchen style. Nonetheless, as everyone in the magical world of Montreal kitchen designs embraces bright colours, we recommend giving black a second chance.

Why Black?

Due to the myriad of stereotypical assumptions made about it, black is not the first colour that comes to mind when designing or revamping a home’s kitchen. However, black exudes elegance, professionalism, and class, which is why modern cafés and high-end restaurants have recently adopted black in their kitchens and uniforms. If you’re still not sold on the idea of adding black to your Montreal kitchen, here are a few reasons why it’s a must-have colour:

Black Creates a Fantastic Colour Scheme

Black is a neutral colour, so it naturally contrasts with other colours to create a stunning palette. It also absorbs light instead of reflecting it; this makes it the ideal colour to use if you want to draw your guests’ attention to details.

For instance, if you want to bring out or show off your lighting choices, use black accents on the fixtures and lighter accents on the other areas. The brighter colours will naturally recede, letting the black stand out, thus creating a beautiful contrast.

If you’re not bold enough to go with black on everything, combine light and dark elements to create a picture of contrasting vibes in your Montreal kitchen design.

Black is Easy to Pair with Metallic Colours

Black is closely associated with the industrial style, which encompasses a blend of wood with worn metals.

Metallic colours, such as gold, copper, steel, or chrome, adds character and brings in much-needed light to a dark-coloured kitchen. Metallic colours also create a pleasant and inviting ambiance. Such colours are associated with luxury, and when paired up with black in the right manner, they create an atmosphere of glamour in your kitchen.

When gold is against a matte black backdrop, it exudes warmth and comfort, adding an air of sophistication to your kitchen. Therefore, you can try using the two colours by having black as the primary colour combined with gold accents on various surfaces, such as door handles and small appliances.


Imagine black on your cabinets, your countertops, and the walls. The way to incorporate warmth into your design is to make the following aspects gold in colour:

  • Cabinet handles
  • Lights fixtures
  • Faucet
  • Sink
  • Utensils and pots (if displayed in the kitchen)
  • Small appliances

The gold will act as a focal point because it contrasts with the large black areas. If gold isn’t your colour, replace it with other metallic colours, such as stainless steel or brass; they’ll work equally well.

Black Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

When it comes to relaxing colours, most people think of white, green, and blue, but never black. However, when done well, it can work wonders in your kitchen because it pairs seamlessly with other colours. Black makes for the ideal shade to base your kitchen on and bring out some of its best features.

Some homeowners find any shade of white to be too bright, so black acts as a subdued choice, alongside grey.

When paired with brighter colours, black creates a seductive and sophisticated allure that we all yearn for in a Montreal kitchen design. Additionally, black appears glossy when used on the right surfaces, such as marble, and it creates a cool uniform appeal that inspires warmth and comfort, bringing about a relaxing atmosphere.

In feng shui, black contains the energy of protection and power. It is also the colour of yin, which is associated with the North, water, and femininity. Black is believed to be a necessary grounding element in décor. Because of its stable quality, feng shui recommends not putting it above eye level in a home. If black is used in the northern area of your space, it is believed to attract career opportunities. Lastly, a modest amount of black on a door or its frame will incite courage and connection.

Black Comes in a Variety of Shades

Due to the function they serve, all kitchens are usually made up of cold, hard surfaces. Creatively combining black with other colours will not only soften the hard surfaces, but it will also produce a chic and futuristic design.

If you visit your local paint store, you’ll be confronted with many swatches of black. Black can change in brightness. Maybe you want a pitch black or a black that has more grey in it to pull in the rest of the room? Black can also be combined with colours, giving it a tinge of green, blue, or brown, for example. Take a good look at the other elements you want in your kitchen and think about what kind of atmosphere you want. Keeping these aspects in mind will simplify your decision on which type of black would be most suitable.

Final Touches

With a black-themed kitchen, lighting is everything. Therefore, maximize on both natural and artificial light to bring out the beauty in the dark. Other than the above, there are so many different reasons why you should embrace this colour for your kitchen. For instance, it’s now among top kitchen trends, and if you like being among trendsetters, the time to paint your kitchen black is now.

At Cuisines Nuenza, we know that the kitchen is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality, and colour is a big influencer on our mood. If black makes you think of death or influences you to feel depressed, you don’t have to use it in your kitchen renovation. You have all the colours of the rainbow—as well as thousands of shades and hues—to work with! We can assist you in finding the right colours and designs that welcome you into your kitchen every day.

If you think you still have some homework to do on black kitchens, contact Cuisines Nuenza today, or view our portfolio for more chic ideas.

Top 5 Plants to Use in Your Bathroom Décor

Top 5 Plants to Use in Your Bathroom Décor

While it’s recommended that you have houseplants in almost every room, the bathroom should be one of the first places to consider. Not only are plants beautiful and uplifting to look at, but they also serve the practical purpose of keeping the indoor environment healthy and clean. Whether your bathroom is windowless, in need of colour, or if you have a black thumb, you can still make your sanctuary attractive and healthy if you choose the right plants. Here are the five plants you should consider incorporating into your bathroom décor:

1. Spider Plant

This iconic shooting plant is a natural for your bathroom’s environment, and having it on the countertop will definitely improve your energy. This super easy-going plant enjoys high moisture and does fine with minimal light. Spider plants thrive in bright light, particularly in direct sunlight. However, they can grow adequately in semi-shade and partial direct sunlight. It would also make an excellent floor plant if your bathroom has a low window, or display it on the counter, and it will catch the sunlight during the day.

Don’t worry if you see your spider plant’s leaves start turning brown. While it’s not harmful, you can remedy this by flushing out the excess salt buildup by watering your plant several times in a row. The buildup is caused by the fluoride in water. Make sure your plant is in a pot that allows drainage and that it’s been potted with soil that drains well. To avoid the buildup altogether, try distilled water or rainwater.

The spider plant is susceptible to root rot, so don’t let it get soggy. The best course of action is to let it dry out in between watering sessions. The spider plant also scores highly in countering air pollution within the bathroom atmosphere. It’s one of five plants that can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, such as acetone and formaldehyde.

2. Aloe Vera

Cuisines Nuenza recommends this as one of the best plants to have at home. Whether you have artificial sunlight or bright natural light, your aloe vera plant will feel at home in no time. Consider placing it on the counter, on a stool near a window, or on the windowsill. You may need to check on the plant every so often to ensure it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as it will turn yellow; western and southern-facing windows are preferred. Depending on where you’re located, you can leave your plant outside during the day between the months of May and September.

Aloe vera plants need deep watering, but only on occasion. To prevent its roots from rotting, verify that the soil is dry one to two inches deep before watering. Aloe vera plants commonly have pups or offsets that need to be removed to their own pot for growth, so you will really get your money’s worth.

If you plan to use the plant’s gel for healing purposes, remove the mature leaves from the plant. Slice them lengthwise and squeeze the leaves to apply the gel to cuts or burns.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Complete your stylish spa sanctuary with lucky bamboo. This indestructible houseplant is a winner since it’s always happy at any level of natural light and will be fine in a vase of water. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight because it can’t handle the heat. This plant is prone to algae, so change the water and clean the vase every two or three months. If you want to add some décor to your plant, it won’t mind sharing its vase with pebbles or glass chips.

Lucky bamboo shares a commonality with spider plants: they are both sensitive about salt in their water. If you want your lucky bamboo to stay alive and unharmed, use distilled water. Remember that yellow leaf tips are a sign of salt buildup and age; brown tips can be a sign of dry air in its environment.

The attractive curly-cue stalks can reach a substantial height, so if you cut down a can, it won’t grow any taller. On the other hand, if you trim the foliage, it will grow back. As a top bathroom renovation company in Montreal, we recommend this plant for a dramatic touch in the corner; lucky bamboo will lean towards the light.

4. Orchids

Orchids, without a doubt, add colour and elegance to any countertop. This plant is also fairly easy to keep alive and requires minimal maintenance. They may be a bit finicky, but your bathroom’s steamy atmosphere will offer them the ideal home. These plants also do well in both artificial light and indirect sunlight. Since they enjoy higher humidity levels, having them beside your tub will eliminate dampness.

Why do orchids love the humidity? They’re tropical flowers and grow in bark instead of soil. Keeping soil damp results in rot and algae, whereas bark needs to be damp. Keep your eyes out for these common bathroom orchid varieties:

  • Dendrobium
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Paphiopedilums

5. “Eternity” Plant

Native to Africa, the Zamioculcas zamifolia—or ZZ plant—got its nickname because it will survive in the hands of the worst plant caregiver. It requires very little water and low to medium light, but it gives the impression of a fully independent being in a well-lit bathroom. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and complete shade.

It’s important to be wary of this plant; if you can into contact with the leaves’ juice, it can cause skin irritation. Keep pets and children away from the plant, as well. Whenever you’re doing work with it, be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly once you’ve completed your work.

Start Renovating with Cuisines Nuenza

Our experts can redo parts of your home, or do a full makeover! We have so many ideas, and welcome your preferences, so your space is customized exactly to your liking. Upgrade your bathroom, redesign your kitchen, or create a unique living space with us! Contact Cuisines Nuenza today, and get a free estimate!

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Features We Love

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design Features We Love

The home is a busy place to be when you have children. From playtime to downtime, our kids leave a trail of messes while constantly keeping us on our toes. If your home feels like an exercise in chaos control, here are a few kid-friendly kitchen renovation features that will make your life much easier.

Kitchen Desk Space

Many kids end up in the kitchen when they’re doing their homework. It ensures that you or your spouse are always nearby to help them with difficult math problems. Plus, the kitchen is a warm and inviting place that naturally attracts members of the household. If your child often ends up taking up precious counter or table space when they’re colouring or working on their homework, consider adding a workspace area that’s just for them. It can be a separate table or an extension of your countertop. Giving your child their own dedicated space allows you to prepare dinner while keeping them close at hand.

Chalkboard Wall

Telling your kids not to write on walls is like telling someone “don’t look down,” when they’re climbing a ladder. They know they shouldn’t do it, but they probably will anyway. There are special markers you can buy that are intelligently designed to wash away. However, you can encourage your child’s creativity at the same time by giving them a unique place on the wall that they can draw with inexpensive chalkboard paint.

Open-Concept Living Space

Knocking down the wall between your kitchen and living/dining room may be the answer to your prayers. Parents love open-concept main floors because it gives them a 360-degree view. Before you start ripping apart your walls, contact your local contractor to ensure that you aren’t removing a load-bearing wall.

Outdoor Access from Kitchen

Of course, who wants to spend their time inside when there’s a fresh batch of the perfect snow-fort making snow outdoors? If your kids love to play outside, but you don’t have a clear view of the backyard from your living room or kitchen, consider adding outdoor access from the kitchen itself, so that you’re always close by if they need you. If your budget or your blueprint can’t accommodate the installation of a kitchen door, consider rearranging your cabinetry to make room for more windows into the backyard.

Making your kitchen a peaceful and productive place to cook, eat, and enjoy each other’s company can be easy. If you’re ready to improve the functionality of your kitchen to make it more kid-friendly, contact Cuisines Nuenza today for a free consultation or visit our showroom for inspiration.

Home Décor Items You Shouldn’t Overspend On

Home Décor Items You Shouldn’t Overspend On

When planning to remodel or redecorate your home, it’s easy to get carried away with home décor. Equipped with a magazine cut-out or image of a professionally staged kitchen or living room, we grab our credit cards and start shopping. Before long, our shopping cart is chock-full of expensive décor, and our bill is enough to make our eyes water. Redecorating is exciting, but it can also be costly, especially if you’re the kind of person that likes to remodel often. The next time you renovate or decorate your home, try not to overspend on these items:

Area Rugs

An area rug is the one thing you buy and then immediately trample on. Colourful and textured rugs can instantly transform a cold, uninviting space into a cozy haven. But, let’s face it: something that spends its entire life on the floor is bound to get dirty, even stained. And if you have pets or kids, your rug’s lifespan is even shorter. Want to find beautiful area rugs at half the price? Don’t go designer and avoid high-end or specialty décor stores. Try your luck at big-box home improvement stores instead.

Throw Blankets and Pillows

Just like area rugs, a new set of decorative pillows or a new throw can make old or tired-looking furniture seem fresh and modern. But as major focal points of your living room, you’ll likely get the itch to change those pillows often. Home décor styles changes as frequently as fashion, so if you’re the type of person who follows closely with trends, avoid spending too much money on designer textiles…especially if you have kids.


We don’t mean to keep bringing up children, but we do know that small hands and glass tumblers don’t mix. There’s a reason kids are given plastic cutlery and dishware up until grade school. They can be messy eaters and aren’t always careful with their dinner. If you have crystal champagne glasses that you inherited from your grandmother, keep them somewhere safe and use cheaper glassware for informal occasions.

Decorative Objects

Remember when decorative anchors and ship rope were all the rage a few years ago? Are you old enough to recall those bowls of wax fruit? What about large fake flower centrepieces or oversized wall clocks? Décor trends come and go, and while we’re not championing fast fashion, we do happen to know that decorative objects don’t last long unless they’re antique. Our advice: avoid the clutter altogether by investing in a few statement pieces that you’ll love for decades.

“Trendy” Fixtures

Similar to the previous point, “trendy” fixtures are more permanent homewares that may become eyesores and require expensive replacements in the not-too-distant future. These days, brass or copper sinks and cabinet hardware are at the peak of fashion. But maybe they will be the 80s pink toilets of the future. Our advice is to stick with classic lines and colours for your pendant lighting and cabinetry.

Are you looking for more ways to save money on your home renovation or remodelling? Hire a design team that will build you what you want the first time around. Contact Cuisines Nuenza today or visit our showroom for inspiration.

Kitchen Design Features We Wish Were Mainstream

Kitchen Design Features We Wish Were Mainstream

Most of us feel swept up in the current of modern trends, doing away with last year’s styles as easily as we would with an old smartphone. In many respects, it can’t be helped. Pressure comes from all sides to stay as modern and as chic as possible, potentially overruling our own flair for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses. The desire to constantly stay trendy does come with many drawbacks, however. Some home features may not necessarily be à la mode but are nevertheless so beloved that they transcend modern home design and have become (or should become) timeless classics.


Many of us have only ever seen a dumbwaiter in the movies. Retrofitting a dumbwaiter can be an expensive (and some might say unnecessary) renovation since it requires breaking through walls and floors and doesn’t serve a purpose that a set of stairs and a pair of legs can’t provide. The dumbwaiter was the 19th-century staple in homes where domestic life was taken care of by maids and butlers. Rather than constantly travelling up and down the stairs with whatever the master or mistress of the house wanted, sending the afternoon cup of tea right up at the ring of the bell was much more efficient. These days, dumbwaiters are considered nothing but a “period feature,” but we love the look and style of these mini elevators.

Greenhouse Windows

The world is becoming more energy conscious. Provincial governments are investing in energy efficiency and sustainability like never before. This eco-friendly mentally has trickled down (or perhaps sprung up) from everyday households that maintain sustainable practices. Greenhouse windows are certainly part of that movement. Of course, when they were first installed in kitchen windows hundreds of years ago, there was no conscious thought about how green they could be, but now, greenhouse windows are seen as both decorative and eco-friendly. Grow a kitchen garden right from your windowsill utilizing only the power of the sun.

Dutch Doors

Depending on where you live, Dutch doors aren’t necessarily the most practical style of kitchen entrance. But we love how they instantly add an old-world and romantic charm to any kitchen. We can just imagine someone setting out a freshly baked pie to cool on the shelf above the bottom door and the naughty dog that tries to steal it. While Dutch doors aren’t mainstream, you can find many window and door installers in your area that sell and install this particular style.

The Larder

Now synonymous with a kitchen pantry, historically, a larder was the coldest room of the house that was used to preserve produce, dairy, and meat. Always facing the north side of the house away from any direct sunlight, the larder was lined with shelves and hooks and included a small window that was essential for circulation. The larder has mostly been replaced by refrigeration, but there’s much to be said about using architecture as a cheap and eco-friendly way of keeping food cool.

Open Flames

We’re not saying that fireplaces aren’t mainstream. In fact, not having a fireplace in the home can be a dealbreaker for many house hunters. But there came a time when the fireplace or hearth was the pinnacle of the home. In many cultures, the hearth is even symbolic of harmonious domestic life. It’s a shame that wood-burning stoves have fallen out of fashion because nothing says home sweet home quite like a warm kitchen.

Do you have a unique kitchen style in mind? Cuisines Nuenza can help. We’ll design a functional, ergonomic and fashionable kitchen to leave you happy for years to come. Come and visit our showroom or request a free estimate.