Cuisines Nuenza graciously received the Canadian Property Award 2019-2020 for Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

Cuisines Nuenza graciously received the Canadian Property Award 2019-2020 for Modern Luxury Kitchen Design

On October 03, 2019, Cuisines Nuenza attended the 26th Canadian Property Awards that was held at The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. The event was hosted by The International Property Awards and their Associate Sponsor, Salice—the leading provider of high-quality opening systems and furniture accessories.

We are pleased to announce that Cuisines Nuenza graciously received the Canadian Property Award 2019-2020 for Modern Luxury Kitchen Design. On behalf of the company, Cuisines Nuenza’s founder, Nancy Boudreau, and main designer of the project, Dora Akrout, accepted the award. Congratulations to our creative and hard-working team!

Each year, 80 prestigious industry experts judge The Canadian Property Awards and review candidates for:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Originality
  • Commitment to sustainability

The judging panel was presided by several members of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament: Lord Caithness, Lord Best, The Earl of Liverpool, and Lord Thurso.

Since 1993, the International Property Awards have expanded their residential categories and regional ceremonies. Today, The Canadian Property Awards has over 45 different residential and commercial categories.

Left to right: Nancy Boudreau and Dora Akrout

Left to right: Nancy Boudreau and Dora Akrout

Cuisines Nuenza also participated in the IPAX USA & Americas Global exhibition and networking event that simultaneously took place at The Fairmont Royal York. We engaged with like-minded people and enjoyed the various seminars that provided insight into design, real estate, and sustainability. Our lists of speakers included:

  • Tony Brenders, CEO of Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)
  • Michael LaFido, Founder of Marketing Luxury Group
  • Michael Singleton, Executive Director of Sustainable Buildings Canada

Cuisines Nuenza is Montreal’s trendy and ergonomic remodeller of kitchens, bathrooms, and unique spaces, such as hallways and laundry rooms. We work with your budget, ideas, measurements, and space to make your dream home a reality.

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10 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom on a Budget

10 Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom on a Budget

If we all had infinite amounts of money to spend on our home renovations, every room in the house would probably look like a magazine cut out. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. We’re here today to talk about the B word: budget. If you’re planning on renovating or remodelling your kitchen or bathroom and your budget doesn’t give you a lot of wiggle room to fully realize your dream, here are some tips for stretching out that budget to make it look like a million-dollar reno.

#1: Recycle & Reuse Materials

Buried under those outdated colours and finishes will likely be a perfectly good piece of furniture, fixture, or furnishing. So many people toss out structurally sound materials that only need cheap and totally doable aesthetic updates because they want something that looks brand new. The bulk of your savings will come from salvaging old materials and breathing life back into them.

#2: Go Thrifting for Antique Finds

Remodelling your home isn’t only about the cabinets and floors. How your kitchen or bathroom looks is also crucial. Inject a little bit of your personality and taste into your remodelling job by finding one-of-a-kind or antique pieces at thrift stores, which will cost you a fraction of the price.

#3: Do-it-Yourself to Reduce Labour Costs

Taking on some of the renovation job yourself is a real cost-cutter. However, paying a contractor to undo all the mistakes you made is not the goal of DIYing either. Only pick up that hammer and box of nails if you are absolutely confident in your ability to do the job correctly. If you aren’t sure, there are plenty of free online guides available to help you.

#4: A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

If you really want to give your room a whole new look but don’t have a great budget, why not start with a fresh coat of paint. Bright whites or intense colours can make a world of difference and will even change the way your room feels. You may even decide that a new paint job was all your room needed after all.

#5: Change the Light, Change the Atmosphere

Want your tiny budget to go a long way? Try changing out and modernizing your light fixtures. Light has an incredible ability of totally transforming a room. The right light can turn a cold room into an inviting oasis of relaxation. Before you decide to start digging holes into your house to make room for windows, try adding more sensible lighting first.

#6: Communicate Budget with Contractor

If you’re working with a contractor, don’t inflate or low-ball your budget. Let them know exactly what they have to work with because they know more than anybody how to stretch your dollars and get you the best materials for your money.

#7: Don’t Shoot for the High-End

If you have big dreams but little cash, being realistic is pretty important. You can’t make something from nothing, so don’t expect to afford the highest quality furniture, appliances, and fixtures without the money to pay for them. Being realistic about what you can get will save you time and heartache.

#8: Learn to Be Patient

Are you in a rush to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? Then expect the prices to go up. However, if you decide to break up your remodelling into little projects, you may be able to save up enough to get everything you want.

#9: Wallpaper Does the Trick

Wallpaper is kind of like paint only bolder, more colourful, and way more fun! Wallpaper continues to be a trending design element, especially in bathrooms where a little drama goes a long way. Modern-day wallpaper is nothing like the impossible-to-work-with paper of yore, so feel free to experiment and completely change the way your bathroom looks.

#10: Plan Ahead and Scope Out Deals

Just like plane tickets, prices fluctuate throughout the year, so if you can hold off spending money on materials, furniture, or appliances until they go on sale, you’ll be rewarded with major savings on high-ticket items.

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Old House Renovations: Where to Start & How to Stay Positive

Old House Renovations: Where to Start & How to Stay Positive

Don’t let HGTV renovation shows fool you. Renovating a fixer-upper takes a lot of time, money, experience, and perhaps most of all, patience. Whether you’re living in a house that needs some serious updates or you bought a gut job from the get-go, you may find yourself burning out before the job even gets started. No matter where you are in the renovation process, don’t let the size of the job get to your head.

How to Get Started: Put the Sledgehammer Down

It might feel really good to start tearing down ugly walls, but demolishing anything before you have a concrete plan in place is likely to cause a panic after the dust settles. Those renovation shows do make it all look easy, but one thing they always show you is that before they start tearing down, they have a concrete design, budget, and schedule in place. Understanding the full scope of what needs to be done to renovate your new-old home will also help you stretch out your budget and focus on keeping your home structurally sound. Consult with an expert design team to work out the details. If you’re planning on doing the majority of the renovations yourself, make sure that you’re confident in your abilities and remember to measure everything over and over again.

Don’t Ignore what’s Behind the Walls

We commend anyone who takes on a project like this because when it comes to old houses, there’s always something scary hiding behind the walls that’s bound to cost an arm and a leg to fix. Many mid-century houses were built using what are now considered hazardous materials, such as asbestos insulation, lead piping, and solid aluminum wiring. Don’t ignore the possible health and safety problems of these outdated materials. Either you spend the money to properly replace the building materials before the renovations are complete, or you wait until disaster strikes. We’re not trying to scare you, but we can’t overstate the importance of safety. If you’re considering buying an older home, make sure you find out right away what’s hidden behind your walls.

Consider Holding onto Design Elements

You’ll notice from the first day of demolition that your money doesn’t go as far as you thought. Delays, unexpected road blocks, or even full-blown accidents can cost you precious time and money. Money-saving plans will start to come in real handy when you need to dip into your budget. One easy way to save money is to actually keep or upcycle some of the old house’s building materials. Don’t forget that some styles have already come back into fashion and that a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a bannister, wall, or cupboard. Timeless materials like wood can be re-sanded and re-varnished to look completely new again.

Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew

We think it’s a great idea to take on some of the renovation work. However, expecting to handle the entire project on your own is a little unrealistic. Unless you’re a contractor, your honourable intentions and positive attitude might start to wear a little thin when you come across unexpected problems. And believe us, old houses are full of surprises. Save yourself from certain heartache and burnout by working with a trusted design team and contractor. Cuisines Nuenza has years of experience in designing and renovating homes all over Montreal. Take a look at our list of services or come and see our showroom today.

5 Important Things to Remember When Choosing Lighting

5 Important Things to Remember When Choosing Lighting

Because natural lighting and bright, open windows are such important elements in home design, we tend to forget that artificial lighting is crucial for setting the room’s functionality and ambience. Are you in the middle of designing your new kitchen, bathroom, or unique living space? When choosing your artificial lighting, don’t forget to ask yourself these five important questions:

Is it Functional?

No matter where you are in the house, your lighting has to make sense. Consider the purpose of the space. The kitchen will require ambient, task, and accent lighting, while your hallway may only need ambient lighting. The lighting in your home must help you perform specific tasks in a room. If you constantly find yourself left in the dark while taking a shower, there’s a chance your bathroom’s functionality wasn’t taken into consideration when your lighting was designed.

Is it Suitable?

Consider the size, shape, function, and style of the room. Is your lighting an extension of that or does it look glaringly out of place? Does the brightness (or dimness) put you in a bad mood? Are those wall sconces appropriate for a child’s bedroom? Are those pendent lights too big or too small for your kitchen island? Your cabinets need light to illuminate the counter space below, but plugging in a desk lamp in the corner of the counter isn’t the solution. This is what we mean by suitable.

Is it Sustainable?

Even if you don’t consider yourself an environmentalist, going eco-friendly is financially beneficial and sustainable. LED lighting can last for over 10 years and consumes much less energy than incandescent lighting. But don’t just take light bulbs into account. The more artificial light you need, the more money you’ll spend. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the general lighting in each room is bright enough so that you don’t need to plug in standing lamps in every corner.

Is it Attractive?

You may be overwhelmed with the wealth of style choices that are available. There is no one perfect lighting option or design for your room. It might boil down to personal taste and price. If you’re stuck deciding what lighting to choose, consider how often you are prepared to replace the lighting when it falls out of style. If the answer is not too often, stick with neutral colours and timeless materials. If you’re prepared to switch out those chandeliers every few years, feel free to go as bold as you please. Lighting is an important design element that can really say a lot about your personal style.

Does it Feel Right?

It may sound like a weird question, but what you should remember when deciding the lighting elements of your home is how the light makes you feel. A gloomy, ill-lit room can make you feel sluggish, blue, or annoyed. A brightly lit room with cold lighting can prevent you from getting cozy on the couch. The amount of light that shines on us throughout the day will directly affect how we feel and function. Taking into account the therapeutic benefits of great lighting should be at the top of your list.

Can’t decide what lighting to choose? We’d love to help you out. Request a free consultation Online or come and visit our Montreal showroom.

Top 5 des styles de planchers que nous aimons pour 2018

Top 5 des styles de planchers que nous aimons pour 2018

Les tendances en décoration changent et évoluent alors que les années se suivent et cette année, l’une des plus grosses décisions que prennent les entrepreneurs en matière de style est destinée à un endroit où nous posons nos pieds tous les jours: le plancher. Le style d’un plancher peut faire ou gâcher le décor d’une pièce et a le pouvoir de complètement renouvelé (ou ruiner) le style de votre maison. Alors qu’il est facile d’étendre du bois franc et de l’oublier, beaucoup de rénovateurs ont utilisé le sol de maison comme d’extraordinaires toiles vierges. Voici quelques-uns des styles de plancher les plus tendances cette année:

#1: Matériaux bons pour l’environnement

Lorsque nous pensons à des planchers bons pour l’environnement, nous projetons immédiatement le bambou, qui est un des matériaux poussant le plus rapidement et naturellement sur la planète. Puisqu’il pousse si rapidement, il s’agit d’une des meilleures ressources renouvelables que nous avons. Bien qu’il puisse être bon pour l’environnement à cet égard, n’oubliez pas que le processus impliquant le rendu du bambou en latte de plancher (ou tout autre produit fini) n’est pas si bon pour l’environnement.

Saviez-vous qu’il y a d’autres méthodes pour réduire vos empreintes de carbone? Les planchers en liège sont aussi considérés comme bons pour l’environnement. De plus, sa finition dorée e profonde fournit un aspect contemporain à votre pièce et le sol est naturellement chaud sous vos pieds.

#2: Béton

Lorsque bien faits, les planchers de béton peuvent être la pièce de résistance du design de votre cuisine moderne. Durable, fiable et pouvant endurer les pires égratignures, le béton est aussi sophistiqué et intemporel. Ne vous laissez pas avoir par ce matériau de construction. Après être poli et fini correctement, vous aurez un plancher qui reflète la lumière et ajoute une texture et une profondeur magnifique à votre palette.

#3: Parquet?!

Pour quiconque a vécu dans une maison avec des planchers en parquet, l’idée en soi du parquet peut créer eu vous une certaine crainte. Inévitablement, une tuile de bois ressortira, sans mentionner les taches et l’usure là où il y a beaucoup de circulation. Mais, ces dernières années, le parquet a fait un retour majeur, pas de la façon dont vous vous en souvenez par contre. Notre motif de parquet favori est la pose en chevrons, qui ajoute une touche magnifique de texture classique et un élément de décoration intéressant aux salons, salles à manger et cuisines.

#4: Carrelages à motifs

Les carrelages à motifs représentent une excellente opportunité de démontrer votre individualité et de jouer avec des couleurs audacieuses et styles hors du commun que vous ne voudriez peut-être pas avec d’autres éléments de décoration. Alors que les carrelages à motifs ne sont pas nécessairement une nouvelle invention (vous pouvez les trouver facilement dans les cathédrales médiévales et les bâtiments britanniques), l’utilisation de couleur, texture et style sont vraiment ressortis en tant que tendance moderne. Quelques points forts de l’année:

  • Chevron
  • Tuile marocaine
  • Grosseur et audace

#5: Une touche de bois franc

Le bois franc est un classique intemporel qui accentue automatiquement la valeur de votre maison et a survécu au test du temps. Par contre, les styles de bois franc ont tendance à changer. Cette année, nous avons vu certaines versions plutôt rustiques de plancher en bois franc, comme les lattes de bois utilisés pour les granges. Ce style robuste s’agence aussi parfaitement à votre cuisine ou à vos corridors qu’à une maison de campagne. Le bois franc foncé continue d’être un choix populaire en ce qui a trait à la teinte du bois, mais nous voyons ressurgir le bois gris et doré. Chaque couleur donne à votre pièce sa température et texture unique.

La fin (le début) de l’année est le moment parfait pour les résolutions du Nouvel An et pour décider de refaire votre cuisine, salle de bain ou espace de vie. Chez Cuisines Nuenza nous sommes fiers d’aider nos clients à Montréal, Laval et dans l’Ouest de l’île à réaliser leur rêve d’avoir une maison parfaitement rénovée. Pour plus d’inspiration pour vos planchers, cuisines, armoires, ou tout ce qu’il y a au milieu, visitez notre salle de montre. Ou, cliquez ici pour avoir une estimation gratuite.

Backsplash: A Quick and Simple Way to Transform Your Space

Backsplash: A Quick and Simple Way to Transform Your Space

Are you looking for a way to update your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room but don’t have the budget to give your room a complete makeover? The solution to your problem is simple: a new backsplash. This small addition to the space behind your countertops is both stylish and useful and can give your kitchen or bathroom a brand-new look. If you’re updating on a budget, here are a few things you should know before you start looking:

Materials: The Possibilities Are Truly Endless

As Houzz demonstrates in their article, “How to Pick a Kitchen Backsplash That Wows,” you’re never short of options when it comes to selecting the right materials. Glass, tile, mirror, ceramic, cement, or even metal finishes can update the look of your kitchen or bathroom, brighten the room, and give your walls protection from spills, heat, and damage. Consider what your room needs the most. If you have dark cabinets and countertops and want to add a bit of light to the spaces in between, consider installing a reflective surface, such as glass tile, or better yet, a window backsplash. For bathrooms, backsplashes should be stain and water resistant and easy to clean.

Backsplash Styles Let Your Personality Shine

Picking out your materials is a perfect start, but now you must decide how you’re going to install them. For a more budget-friendly update, a shorter backsplash may be all that you’re looking for. If you want a seamless look, you may choose the same material as your countertop to cover your wall. If you have a taste for colour and are looking for something bold, yet classic, Moroccan tiles provide that extra splash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic room. If you prefer a more urban style, we suggest a simple subway tile backsplash that is both timeless and functional. The best way to find out what sort of backsplash style is right for you is to browse through magazines, websites, and showrooms.

But First, Be Honest About Your Budget

When we say that the possibilities are truly endless, we aren’t factoring in budgetary restrictions. If you’ve already started shopping around for backsplash tiles, then you probably know that prices for materials (not to mention labour) vary greatly. If you can’t make room in your budget for the tiles you really want, can you afford to wait a little bit longer until you’ve saved up enough for the ones you do? If there’s a style you absolutely adore but can’t afford it, have you considered a less expensive alternative? Budgeting is the worst part of any home renovation, which is why so many people come to Cuisines Nuenza for a free estimate. While you may think you’re saving money by attempting to DIY your own backsplash, you may end up saving more by hiring experts to get it right the first time and provide you with professional advice on how to save money and get what you really want.

To find out what kind of backsplash is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom, contact Cuisines Nuenza today for more information.