6 Work-from-Home Space Ideas That Will Increase Your Productivity

6 Work-from-Home Space Ideas That Will Increase Your Productivity

Lounging on a sofa or moving from room to room as you work on your laptop isn’t always the most conducive for productivity. While it might be the dog or cat’s fault for stealing your spot, many people find that they work more productively when they have a designated work area.

The right work-from-home ideas can benefit you by putting you in the right mindset, and helping you to focus. Read on for several practical and stylish work-from-home space ideas from Nuenza’s interior designers. 

Home Office Ideas to Inspire You

No matter how much square footage you have available, the Nuenza team can create a home office that motivates and inspires you every day. Here are some of the best home workstations you can have in your home.

home office in living room

Large Home Offices

Using your kitchen table, living room sofa, or countertop can work in a pinch, but having to make several trips back to another room for supplies can be tiresome. Some people prefer having a designated area to work, so everything is organized and right at their fingertips. 


Larger homes often have stair landing space with natural light. This is the perfect area to use as a home office. We can incorporate either a shelving that’s attached to a desk or add these two units separately. It’d be like designing a room, but in a communal space. From plants to a gallery wall of art to rows upon rows of bookshelves, you can create a home office you’ll love!


Usually the bedroom and living room have the most amount of space. This means you can easily divide the space, so it includes some office space. A Nuenza designer can show you some tricks on how to optimize on space and have it be ergonomic. 

For example, we can create a closet in the bedroom or living room that’s compact. This area will allow you the peace and quiet you need while giving you access to office essentials, such as a desk, lamp and minimal décor. Fundamentally, this will minimize distractions.

kitchen home office

Small Home Offices

Large spaces are prone to wasted space, but our interior designers can get creative with just about every shape and layout of room.


Kitchens can provide you with what you need. It might be an empty corner or a spot in front of a window. All you need is a table or a countertop attached to the wall with a set of rolling drawers and you’re in business! You will have enough space for your laptop and notebooks with drawer space for more books, writing tools, agendas, anything else you need to be productive.   


If you can do without some of your existing closet space, it can be fashioned into a small home office. Add some floating shelves, put in a customized desk with drawers and you could have enough room for your computer and a monitor – and even a printer and lamp! Save on space by having a sliding shelf for the keyboard. When this small home office isn’t in use, place the chair in the room and close the door on the office. It’s neat, compact, and ready for you!


It’s not as ominous as you might think – and certainly not at all like Harry Potter’s room at the Dursleys’ home. But using areas we like to call “lost space” is one of our specialties. 

Some homes don’t have a room under a staircase that acts as a storage space; instead it’s open to the larger room, such as a hallway or basement. Instead of adding decorations that serve no purpose, we can install a desk and chair, a desktop lamp or sconce, a filing cabinet, and a few small wall ornaments to warm up the space. There is often a wall outlet in this space, but if there isn’t, we can see what we can do.

mother working on laptop while watching baby


Keep in mind that your home office doesn’t have to stay in one room. A home office can be created with a rolling table, chair, and set of drawers. If there’s much more natural light coming in, you can easily move your desk to suit your preferences. 

And if you’re a working parent who has to keep an eye on the kids, a portable stand-up desk can accommodate your travel around the home while your stationary home office is in place for when you need it.

What is the Ideal Work-from-Home Space?

The ideal work-from-home space is different for everyone. Whether it’s a workstation or a nook, people still need desk space for working from home since the pandemic is still an issue. 

It can take some time for people to discover what type of home office suits them best and will let them feel comfortable and productive. But that’s where our interior design experience can help you. We’ve designed many unique workspaces, and we can provide one for you as well. 

If you’re in dire need of a home office idea that best utilizes your space (or want to get started on a renovation, big or small, contact us today!

Creating Your Luxury Closet—Where to Start

Creating Your Luxury Closet—Where to Start

You’ve probably always thought of your closet from a functional perspective. It’s a place to store your clothes and sift through outfits for the day.

Luxury closets take a whole new approach. They aim to create a space where you want to spend time admiring your most unique pieces and selecting the perfect one for that upcoming event. A walk-in closet gives you an escape from the rest of your home and, with no rule-book, endless opportunities to make the design your own. A gorgeous closet will have you feeling like you’re shopping in a chic boutique.

From the designers at Nuenza, here are some tips to get you started:

Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear

You don’t necessarily need an entire room to make the walk-in closet of your dreams a reality; you just need to be smart with the space you have. To avoid too much clutter in your revamped closet, first sort through all of your existing clothing and accessories. As a general rule of thumb, toss items you haven’t worn in the past six months. If it’s tough for you to part with your items, try following an easy trick designed to give you a visual representation of the clothes you wear: Turn the hangers of all of your clothes the opposite direction, only hanging them back in the correct direction once they’ve been worn. By doing this, you’re given a concrete reason to part with the items you’ve only worn once.

Purchase High-Quality Hangers

When you think about it, your favourite clothing stores don’t use multi-coloured plastic hangers, so why should you? Most of our closets are a melting pot of different hanger styles, ranging from disposable hangers that come with clothes to formal hangers used for suits. Getting unified hangers not only makes your closet more visually appealing, but also enhances the way your clothes are stored. With proper hangers, your clothes won’t get stretched or bent, keeping them in brand-new condition. Once all of your old hangers are replaced, colour-coordinate your clothing to create an even more eye-catching look!

Invest in Good Lighting

Although natural lighting is usually best, chances are you don’t have a window in your closet. This is beneficial for your clothes, as now they are exposed to less UV rays that cause colours to fade. By installing high-quality lighting in your closet, you are better able to see all of your clothing options. Many luxury closets include recessed lighting, coupled with fixtures that illuminate individual items. Consider installing adjustable lighting so you can see what your outfit looks like at different times of the day.

Get Inspiration

Your walk-in closet should be an oasis that gives you a sense of style inspiration the moment you walk through the door. To create the space of your dreams, take note of the design elements you love in your favourite stores. Feel free to get creative—this is your chance to express yourself. By gathering you favourite ideas, you will have concrete examples to show your interior designer so they understand your objective for the space.

Get started on your dream closet by contacting the interior design experts at Nuenza. We’re happy to discuss your vision and make it a reality. Learn more about our services by calling 514-400-2579.

How to Reclaim Your Nook as a Beautiful Space in Your Home

How to Reclaim Your Nook as a Beautiful Space in Your Home

Sometimes, we’re blessed with unique spaces in our homes that may not have any functional purpose but serve as a distinctive architectural feature that gives houses their own special charm. If you are the proprietor of a nook, you might be faced with the unusual task of figuring out what to do with this rare house feature. Here are some ways you can reclaim your nook as its own unique space.

Reading Nook

Many children dream of having that perfect place to hide where they can escape to their imagination in peace. A reading nook is great for both parents and children, as it offers a quiet, distraction-free space where you can lounge and catch up on some reading. Depending on the size of your nook, you may feel inspired to hang bookshelves, spotlighting, and a few comfy pillows.

Bold Wallpaper

Many hallways feature small nooks or indentations where cupboard spaces used to be. If your nook is shallow, you can easily distinguish it from the rest of the house by adding bold wallpaper that complements the rest of the living space without getting absorbed into it. Add a bit of mood lighting and a few vibrant art pieces, and you’ve just created a wonderful new feature to your home.

A Living Wall

Living walls add drama to interior spaces. If your nook faces a window, cover it top to bottom with a living wall filled with your favourite greenery. You can build the irrigation system yourself or buy special kits. Your nook will come alive with your vertical garden, plus all those plants will help clean the air of contaminants, add moisture in your home, and make you feel generally happier. If your nook doesn’t face a window, but you have your heart set on a living wall, you can install grow lights that will give the plants the light they need to thrive. Popular plant choices for living walls include ferns, devil’s ivy, dracaenas, grasses, moss, and succulents.

A Place to Sit

Sometimes, the only thing our nooks can offer us is a place to sit. But that doesn’t mean your unique space will be any less boring. To make sure your nook stands out from the rest of the living area, why not find a rare piece, like an antique settee, or a bright retro chair to add just the right hint of drama to your space.

There are so many ways to reclaim your nook as its own unique space. Every room, big or small, offers many possibilities for you to test out your imagination and let your remodelling dreams soar. If you’re looking for inspiration or help reclaiming your spot, contact Cuisines Nuenza today for a free estimate and consultation.

5 Ways to Increase Space Without Increasing Square Footage

5 Ways to Increase Space Without Increasing Square Footage

There are many times in your life when you take a look at your house and wonder how everything can all fit under that one roof. You’re expecting a new baby, your kids won’t stop growing, and your mother-in-law has decided to move in with you. Whatever the reason, you need more space! If you’re unable to build outward or upward, here are some ways you can increase your space without increasing square footage:

#1: Turn a Closet Into a Bathroom

Ideally, you could add a bathroom without the expense of some much-needed closet space, but sometimes that isn’t always the case. As our kids get older, the basement often turns into their bedroom, which means that adding at least a half-bath becomes necessary. You may not have enough room to give your teen or guest their very own bath or shower, but you may be able to build them a powder room where their closet used to be.

#2: Get Creative With Kitchen Space

Renovating a kitchen is a big job. Depending on your budget, you can completely transform the busiest room in the house to better reflect your taste and needs, or you can simply work on emergency remodels. If your cupboards are really filling up and everyone can’t help but bump into each other, it may be time to consider reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen. A sensible and functional kitchen is more important than a beautiful one. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Redesign your countertop layout that improves the “flow” of the kitchen
  • Add more storage space under your kitchen island
  • Have a garage sale and get rid of all that unnecessary clutter

#3: Consider the Lighting

Believe it or not, the light might be playing tricks on you. Bad lighting can make a room seem smaller than it actually is, which influences how you use that space. The more warm and inviting a room is, the more likely you’ll want to get the most out of it. A cold and poorly-lit room won’t be used to its full potential. Get rid of that single desk lamp sitting on the floor in the corner of the room and invest in some high-quality lighting that opens up your space.

#4: Make Use of the Attic

Usually used to house storage items and the occasional ghost, the attic is often an untapped source of space…and we mean a lot of space. Imagine what you could do with all that extra square footage! While you may have to get used to the slanted ceilings, attics can make a perfectly charming bedroom, office, or play area. Just remember that attics aren’t initially built for constant use, so you will have to make some adjustments, such as adding subfloor and wiring for electricity.

#5: Tear Down Walls

Grab a hammer and start tearing down those non-load-bearing walls. It may sound counter-intuitive at first; that is, until you realize that one big open space is a lot bigger than two tiny rooms. You may be losing two enclosed areas, but think of how much more room you have to build a custom wall-unit or closet.

If you want to increase your space but don’t know where or how to start, come and visit our showroom or contact Cuisines Nuenza today for a free consultation and estimate.