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In search for inspiration, we asked our client if he had to chose one thing to bring with him on a deserted island, what would that thing be. “I figure I would end up getting bored, therefor I would bring a game of Tetris. I can never be bored with Tetris.”

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Having relocated to Montreal from the west coast, our client purchased an industrial style loft in the heart of the city. Built in 1928, the St-James loft which originally served as offices and workshops have been converted into residential units. The industrial loft-style feel was the driving factor for this project’s inspiration. With its concrete ceilings and structural columns, we wanted to emphasize these elements, without overwhelming them. The cabinets and the countertops were kept in soft greys, creating the perfect backdrop to some more bold elements. Black appliances, a cylindrical island hood and stunning minimalistic pendant light were the obvious choices to enhance the design. Finally, our “gamer-inspired” custom backsplash took form. To tie all elements together, we used an interesting shape, and a combination of grey and black, with pops of terracotta.

As our client loves to cook and entertain, we increased the surface area of the counters, and reorganized the cabinets in smart way, compacting them to the backwall. This allowed us to leave one wall cabinet free to create an artistic backsplash without having to compromise on storage. The seating at the island’s end was done in a rounded concrete structure, allowing our client to host small dinners and game nights with his friends and family.

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