Kitchen Cabinets Installation & Renovation In Montreal

Kitchen Renovations That Invigorate The Senses

Redesigning your kitchen is an excellent way to bring value to your home or rental property. Through aesthetic updates and ergonomic customization, homeowners can have a luxury kitchen renovation adapted to their preferences. By using a few tricks from our portfolio of modern kitchen renovations, income property owners will have potential lodgers bidding in a frenzy to secure the place.

Reclaim Your Kitchen

Once your children have left the nest to pursue their careers and other life goals, it’s time to redesign your kitchen to suit your tastes and lifestyle. A modern kitchen renovation is the fresh start you need to begin this next chapter of your life.

The design team at Cuisines Nuenza is readily available to discuss your luxury kitchen renovation ideas. Here, we’ve listed some inspiration to get your creative wheels spinning:

  • For a seamless look, consider a coffered ceiling that matches your cabinets in colour and design. It offers sunken panels and geometric designs that add character and dimension to any room, bringing a traditional atmosphere that can also be transformed into a modern look with a simple coat of paint.
  • Let your kitchen support your interests and reflect your personality by adding a bar or wine storage area. This luxury kitchen renovation will add a refined elegance to your new and improved space.
  • If you have a separate dining table for breakfast in your kitchen, then removing the work triangle closest to this area will open up the room and encourage a more social ambiance. You will feel much more at ease interacting with others without a stretch of counter blocking conversation.
  • Create a sense of fluidity by shaping the doorways to the kitchen into arches. This modern kitchen renovation will allow for a welcoming atmosphere into the heart of the home.

Moving on to embrace your new empty-nester lifestyle can be daunting, but our team of experts will be there during your luxury kitchen renovation. Our designers always have novel ideas available for you and are eager to realize your vision.

 Revamp Your Rental Property

With a luxury kitchen renovation, you can provide your lodgers with a timeless space that emulates a homely environment, whether you own an apartment building, a condo, a multiplex, or a cottage up north.

Cuisines Nuenza handles both small and large makeovers, such as:

  • Maximize the space to bring your apartment rental into this century and simultaneously raise its rental value. You can achieve a modern kitchen renovation by upgrading to fresh materials, such as quartz counter tops and slate flooring, incorporating sleek glass shelves above cabinets, and installing an industrial-style wall rack for hanging pots.
  • Rejuvenate your rental by replacing generic black-and-white with some colour. A modern kitchen renovation does not necessarily mean neon colours. We recommend using neutrals to bring life to the space without it being too loud or bright; neutrals consist of toned-down blues and greens with grey, taupe, and cream.
  • An alternative to colour on the walls in your modern kitchen renovation is decal wallpaper, which does well to pep up any room. Some areas that suit wallpaper are accent walls, backsplashes, or the backing inside glass cabinets. The decal wallpaper is temporary, so it can be removed and changed with ease.

The kitchen is where one spends the most time cooking delectable meals, entertaining, and spending time with loved ones; transforming it into a design that reflects such importance is an investment to be proud of. With a modern or luxury kitchen renovation, there are an infinite number of ways to render it a stunning place for family and friends to gather every day. To discuss your upcoming kitchen renovation, contact Cuisines Nuenza today.


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