New Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2018 We Know You’ll Love

Cusines Nuenza Kitchen Design

Once you make the decision to remodel your kitchen, the most exciting part (except for the finished product) is getting to choose how you want your brand-new kitchen to look. You’ll figure out pretty quickly that there are so many design choices to pick from that your head will start to spin. Visiting a showroom to explore the various possibilities for your layout can really help narrow down your choices. If you’re on the hunt for new styles and design trends, check out these kitchen features that are going to be major players this year:

Tiled Floors That Make a Statement

This year, choosing the right floors are going to be just as important as choosing the other design elements in your home. In 2018, expect to see a lot of dark hardwood flooring and patterned tiles. Tile designs are popular choices because they add a timeless and unique element to your kitchen, and the tiles themselves are durable and heat resistant. Colourful Moroccan tiles will certainly add a splash of colour to your functional kitchen.

Copper Elements & Colourful Appliances

Stainless steel will always be a sensible, sanitary, and safe option when it comes to choosing kitchen appliances like your fridge, stove, microwave, and hood. But since appliances take up so much space in the room, big companies started to realize that they were missing out on a lot of opportunities to integrate different colours, styles, and materials into kitchen designs. Now you don’t have to decide between stainless steel, black, or white. You can find gorgeous ranges in deep blues, reds, and pastels and beautiful copper hoods. If you decide to go modern with your kitchen by replacing your cupboards with shelves, copper hoods make an excellent statement piece.

Painted Black

A bright, white kitchen has been the king of the remodel for years. While we don’t see that trend going away anytime soon, we’re starting to notice black elements creeping into the kitchen, and we love it. From exposed black pipes to black appliances with gold finishes, 2018 will be the year for testing out the long-standing tradition of all white features.

Metal Meets Wood

Wood and metal offer the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. The most notable use of wood and metal are modern shelving units where everything, even the brackets are exposed. However, if you’re looking for a more contemporary farmhouse feel, butcher block countertops and black metal finishes add the right colour and texture.

Reclaimed Wood

Okay, we’re starting to get the picture. This year, people are thirsty for vibrant colours, interesting textures, and blends of old and new, modern and classic. Reclaimed wood has been trending for a couple of years now but expect it to adopt a new twist that features blends of other reclaimed wood or antique furnishings, such a wood and metal handles, reclaimed wood islands, and raw edge countertops.

If you want to stay connected with the latest trends, come and visit our showroom. Ready to start remodelling your dream kitchen? Contact us today to request a free estimate and consultation.