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kitchens portfolio


Defining Style

The ideal kitchen is an ergonomic, functional, colour-balanced, and peaceful gathering space where family and friends connect. View Nuenza’s portfolio of kitchen designs from modern to classic, contemporary to traditional or transitional.

bathroom portfolio


Breath and Relaxation

The most intimate room of any home is the bathroom. It can have a spa feeling or can be a family friendly space where tranquility and functionality join to create a private haven of peace. View Nuenza’s portfolio of powder rooms and master bathrooms.

unique spaces portfolio

Unique Spaces

Optimizing Unique Spaces

Even the smallest of rooms can be efficient and beautiful. View Nuenza’s portfolio to discover how to use boxes, shelves, and colours to create stunning designs, and increase storage space with wall-units, built-in units and closets.

accessories portfolio


Accessorize to Wow

Breathtaking designs rely on the smallest of details. A well-chosen accessory will transform any décor from nice to stunning. Visit Nuenza’s portfolio to discover the limitless possibilities for adding the perfect eye-catching detail or final touch.