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Lipstick Red


Design is an extremely personal matter. What attracts people greatly varies from one individual to another, and often what attracts us is also what we give off. That was exactly the case when this client sought our design skills for their newly purchased condominium. Radiating what can only be described as a sweet fire, we knew that these clients wanted to have some fun and were not afraid to be bold.

The aim of this project was to create a unique space that was perfectly suited for these clients. Due to its size and certain building code restriction, there were few options in terms of the layout. This meant we had to get creative with the organization and style of the kitchen. As it just so happens, the initial proposal of Lipstick red cabinets reflected exactly what the client wanted. The rest of the cabinets were done in a pale cotton. We better organized the pots and pans, the created a breakfast nook for everything needed in the morning. We were also able to gain some space by cutting through the wall and backing the fridge into that hole, increasing the passage by almost 4 inches. In addition to the punch of red, the design was made even more interesting with a backsplash, creating a gradient going from light to dark shades of grey, to a red stripe, and back to the gradient. The client even took the same colors from the backsplash and reproduce the gradient pattern in their dinning area, and through-out the rest of the house!

Overall, this was a successful project. With creative designers and daring clients, a bold space was created. Now, stay tuned for their bathroom.