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Mid-century Modern made Easy

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Our mandate for this space was bringing the modern look of the recently renovated home into the last space needing work; The kitchen. Our inspiration came from the numerous works of art around the home, and the beautiful gardens outside. However, this home held a little bit of a secret. Tucked away from most, in the basement was a space that came straight out of the 60’s/70’s. Vintage artifacts could be found everywhere, from a teak record player, to a vintage tri-colored lamp and striped carpet, it was decided, we needed to bring a touch of the basement into the kitchen. Combining modernity with vintage elements and bringing the outdoors in was not the easiest task. We managed to open up some walls, add in some stylish horizontal windows. We combined white and wood for the cabinets and counter tops, as topped it off with a floor tile resembling a rug. The Final touch was a floor insert that runs from the bottoms of the stairs, right into the peninsula. This interesting combination of elements brought out the clients personality; Fun, Stylish and a bit of an edge.