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Project Description

Open wall opened to the world …

The amount of natural light is now at its peak with the opening created between the kitchen and living room. Using a glossy white polymer on the kitchen cupboards and storage furniture in the dining room where all the light can reflect and define the effect of clarity and openness. The different zones are bounded by volumes and textures contrasting juxtaposition since this material, a European laminate imitating a wood grain placed horizontally on the built-in furniture, and just upgrade the decor and allows to visually enlarge the space. The backsplash gloss white ceramic tiles in different widths and heights, creating a nice horizontal line and giving character to the room without much force. An opening is left in the top of the cabinets, allowing the space to breathe. Recessed halogen have also been added to the ceiling and below the wall cabinets, plus suspensions in the dining room for a functional and well-lit room. Some appliances are based on as decoration were integrated and arranged to cabinets or are just hidden. The principles of ergonomics and functionality also act in the kitchen: the lower cabinets offer large drawers, the upper cabinets opening horizontally, spices now have their places, and hardware specializing in the corner cabinet for better access to their content.