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Once the ergonomics of a space are laid out and the functionality becomes optimal, it is then time to solve the aesthetic puzzle. Giving a space that special feeling is something that designers strive to do. It must reflect the clients taste as well as flow within the environment.

This space is called Trilogy because its aesthetic puzzle was particularly complex. It involved three different cabinet colors which range from a dark grey on the right, light grey on the island and pantry, and white cabinets to the left. The counter tops also ranged in three different colors. The dark cabinets are covered in a white quartz, the island a medium toned cherry wood and the light breakfast-nook has a black granite. The herringbone backsplash the same tile on both ends of the kitchen but done in white above the quartz and dark over the granite, creating a fluidity between the horizontal and vertical surfaces. We combined the homes century old style with more industrial and contemporary elements that characterizes the clients taste.

This renovation took approximately three months to complete. This was an older duplex which was converted into a family home. The bathroom situated near the kitchen and the wall separating the dining room were both removed to create that open feel. Luckily, the previous owners had lowered the kitchen ceiling, which we reversed to gain an extra two feet in height. The foundation had to be reworked as the back-most half of the kitchen was sitting on an old extension. The patio door was enlarged and move towards the center of the space, and the small milk window was also made bigger and brought over the breakfast nook. Lastly, a doorway was added, connecting the homes foyer to the kitchen creating a clear visual path through the home as soon as you walk in.