How to Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

How To Make Your Kitchen More Inviting

Ever go to a party at a friend’s house only to spend most of your evening chatting with people in the kitchen? Kitchens are naturally sociable places because of the warmth coming from the oven and the bustling activity. But if your kitchen tends to push people away rather than draw people in, there are some simple aesthetic changes you can make to turn your kitchen into an inviting space.

Warmer Colours

Does your kitchen colour scheme consist of blues, purples, and pinks? These cool shades may be inadvertently deterring your guests from settling in and get comfortable. If you want to turn your kitchen into a sociable space, consider updating your colour scheme to warmer shades, such as yellows, greens, browns, and wood finishes.

Brighter and Warmer Lighting

Poor lighting or greenish lighting can put people off. If your kitchen doesn’t get that much sunlight to begin with, consider installing more windows or a skylight to bring in more natural light. A much more affordable option is to update your lighting. Replace halogen bulbs, add ambient lighting, and illuminate underneath your cabinets with easy-to-install puck lighting.

Less Clutter

Too much stuff lying around might give your guests the impression that there’s nowhere to stand or sit. A cluttered kitchen does not inspire a relaxing evening. Rather, it will push people out of the room to find somewhere more relaxing to go. If you have a hard time finding room for all your small kitchen appliances and groceries, consider reorganizing your cupboard space or installing smarter cabinetry.

Somewhere Comfy to Sit

Installing enough seating in your kitchen to accommodate all your party guests is unrealistic, but you could add a few bar stools or (if your kitchen is big enough) a loveseat to give your friends and family somewhere comfy to sit as you prepare hors-d’oeuvres, refill wine glasses, or clean up dishes.

Something in the Oven

If you want to draw people into your kitchen for a special occasion, consider popping something in the oven that will make their mouths water. Make your own Christmas stovetop potpourri or bake a fresh batch of your famous chocolate chip cookies. Your guests’ noses will lead them right into your kitchen.

With the right combination of style, colour, and layout, your kitchen has the potential to be the most inviting room in the house. Need help to make that happen? Contact Cuisines Nuenza for a free estimate.